Greek Dance Classes in Heatherton, in OakleighGreek Dance Classes in Heatherton, in Oakleigh


Group dance classes

Regular group dance classes will commence very soon!
You can select from one of the following options:

  • Casual Group Class: A$30
  • 10 Classes Pass: A$250
  • or even Private Classes from: A$85

Send me today your email to express your interest.

Beginner classes

Learn basic movements, technique and kinesiology of the most popular traditional Greek dances such as kalamatianós, pátima, syrtós, ipirótikos, ikariótikos, tsámikos, kótsari, tik, bálos, zonarádikos, karagoúna as well with modern Greek dances such as Sirtáki (Zórba dance), Hasápiko, Zeybékiko and much more.

*Note: Classes are categorized and run according to the average ability of the participants.

If you feel that you are at an advanced level then you should participate in the advanced level classes.

If there are no advanced level classes running, then you will need to take private lessons.

Advanced level

Suitable for students at an advanced level, this class focuses on honing in on the intricacies of the dance styles taught in beginner classes. Stronger levels of difficult movements are applied and the complete technique of each dance style is learnt.

The quality of this particular class is based on the Greek social dance standards which means that everyone is accepted regardless of their cultural background.

Advanced classes offer an immense fitness experience for the legs, hips and arms. Faster movements are taught and speeded up to a cardio like level that burns calories in a very joyful, social, cultural, qualitative and full on dance environment.

*Note: Students with serious health conditions such as heart disease, bone structure issues etc. must not take this class.

Zeybékiko lessons

This is a men's only improvisational class that promises to increase the male presence of any student-dancer on the stage by utilising high quality movements and techniques of this urban popular, passionate and beloved (Greek style) dance.

The class is conducted in a very comfortable and warm environment and is physically and technically demanding. It is designed for men's bodies and requires students with strong stamina and endurance.

As a very strong dancing experience and a very good exercise for the entire body, Zeybékiko is a totally unique experience for men who want to have fun by expressing their male nature in their own unique way as all of the steps can be tailored according to their own taste and/or previous dance experience.

Zeybékiko classes are strictly private and one-on-one. Group classes will only be taught if there is a strong demand and interest from at least 8 students.