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Jimmy was an international performance artist, dance instructor and choreographer based in Melbourne and specialized in many dance genres including, Belly Dance, Greek, Latin, and Ballroom. Jimmy's strengths as a performer and dance instructor lay in the vastness of his training, the power and grace of his movement, and his intense passion for the art of dance. His ability to combine an extensive dance vocabulary with immense experience on stage makes him an extraordinary performer.

Involved in performance arts for almost 30 years, Jimmy was Melbourne's most sought-after dance entertainer and has built a trustworthy reputation for providing quality and value-add entertainment to any event he is hired to perform. He was performing at private and corporate events, media events and product launches. He has showcased his talents on tv shows (in both Greece and Australia), some music videos and a bollywood movie.

His tremendous experience in the field of belly dance has enabled him to conduct a dance study, workshops and judging in contests.

Jimmy began his dance career in Greece and learnt latin and ballroom, Greek, ballet, jazz, and contemporary. He is a qualified dance instructor in Greek, latin, standard (ballroom), and belly dance. He completed his exams and received his dance diploma qualifications in all three genres and began teaching at several dance schools in Greece. Prior to his dancing career, Jimmy studied Ancient Greek Drama and acted in children's theatre and Ancient Drama theatre plays.

After continuing his studies in latin, ballroom and Greek dance, Jimmy decided to broaden his career and explored other dance genres including jazz, flamenco, and classical ballet (Vaganova method and French styles). He learnt techniques such as Limon, Graham, release and improvisation.

In 2003, he commenced belly dance training and became a proud and accomplished student of Greece's belly dance icon, Deanna Rhea (aka Rhea of Greece). The mentoring and coaching he received from Rhea led him to become a belly dance teacher and performer. Jimmy taught the sensual art of belly dance in many dance studios in Greece and is renowned for his expert dance artistry, sword balancing, creativity, and professionalism. He was hired to perform all over Greece in several restaurants and nightclubs, private and corporate events, festivals, product launch parties, drag shows and on Greek television.

In 2005, he registered his dance study titled "The Technique of Male Oriental Dancing" at the National Dance Council of Greece. He also appeared in Ancient Greek Theatre by choreographing and performing in the Greek Comedy play "The Birds" (Aristophánes, Mános Hadjidákis).

In 2007, Jimmy competed in the 2nd Hellenic East Dance Competition at the Oriental Dance Greek Contest. He won the 2nd place by performing a Tahtib choreography (Mahmoud Reda style) choreographed by Greece's renowned belly dance performer, teacher, choreographer; Maria Aya.

In 2008, Jimmy danced in the popular Bollywood movie, "Wanted" starring India's famous actor, Salman Khan.

Jimmy's love and passion for teaching and performing have led him to work in and out of Greece. In 2010, he introduced belly dance training workshops in Turkey and collaborated with the dance studio "Beden Atölyesi" in Istanbul. He was also invited to be a judge at the European contest "Athens DanceSport Open" and judged in the categories of Belly Dance and Greek Dance.

Jimmy moved to Australia in 2012 and became one of Melbourne's most recognized and sought-after Greek Dance performers and dance instructors. He was invited to conduct Greek dance workshops at many dance studios in Australia.

On 11 April 2013, Jimmy officially registered his business name "Jimmy Hellas Dance Services".

In 2014, he received an invitation to be a guest speaker at The Melbourne University and presented a lecture on the History and Culture of Belly Dance.

Jimmy has recently completed a Diploma in Information Technology, through his interest in web design and development, programming and software engineering practises.

He has learned Israeli dances at ZOOZ with Richelle Arber. These lessons took him closer to his musical and later vocal inspiration Ofra Haza z"l.

He has also been vocally coached by Steven Zammit and got very confident in his ability in singing pop and religious songs in both English and Hebrew.
Currently, he's coached by Tiana Alchin of Brisbane, and aims to extend his vocal range higher than the 3 octaves he currently masters all while working on English, Hebrew, Greek, Spanish, Turkish and French songs.

In his spare time, he practices calisthenics in Brisbane.