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Greek, Ballroom & Belly Dance Classes & Shows in Melbourne with Jimmy

Jimmy is an international performance artist, dance instructor and choreographer based in Melbourne and he specializes in many dance genres including, Belly Dance, Greek, Latin, and Ballroom. Jimmy's strengths as a performer and dance instructor lay in the vastness of his training, the power and grace of his movement, and his intense passion for the art of dance. His ability to combine an extensive dance vocabulary with immense experience on stage makes him an extraordinary performer.

Involved in performance arts for over 20 years, Jimmy is Melbourne's most sought-after dance entertainer and has built a trustworthy reputation for providing quality and value-add entertainment to any event he is hired to perform. He performs at private and corporate events, media events and product launches. He has showcased his talents on tv shows (in both Greece and Australia), some music videos and a bollywood movie.

His tremendous experience in the field of belly dance has enabled him to conduct a dance study, workshops and judging in contests.

Jimmy began his dance career in Greece and learnt latin and ballroom, Greek, ballet, jazz, and contemporary. He is a qualified dance instructor in Greek, latin, standard (ballroom), and belly dance. He completed his exams and received his dance diploma qualifications in all three genres and began teaching at several dance schools in Greece. Prior to his dancing career, Jimmy studied Ancient Greek Drama and acted in children's theatre and Ancient Drama theatre plays.

After continuing his studies in latin, ballroom and Greek dance, Jimmy decided to broaden his career and explored other dance genres including jazz, flamenco, and classical ballet (Vaganova method and French styles). He learnt techniques such as limon, Graham, release and improvisation.

In 2003, he commenced belly dance training and became a proud and accomplished student of Greece's belly dance icon, Deanna Rhea (aka Rhea of Greece). The mentoring and coaching he received from Rhea led him to become a belly dance teacher and performer. Jimmy taught the sensual art of belly dance in many dance studios in Greece and is renowned for his expert dance artistry, sword balancing, creativity, and professionalism. He was hired to perform all over Greece in several restaurants and nightclubs, private and corporate events, festivals, product launch parties, drag shows and on Greek television.

In 2005, he registered his dance study titled "The Technique of Male Oriental Dancing" at the National Dance Council of Greece. He also appeared in Ancient Greek Theatre by choreographing and performing in the Greek Comedy play "The Birds" (Aristophanes).

In 2007, Jimmy competed in the 2nd Hellenic East Dance Competition at the Oriental Dance Greek Contest. He won 2nd place by performing a Tahtib choreography (Mahmoud Reda style) choreographed by Greece's renowned belly dance performer, teacher, choreographer; Maria Aya.

In 2008, Jimmy danced in the popular Bollywood movie, Wanted starring India's famous actor, Salman Khan.

Jimmy's love and passion for teaching and performing have led him to work in and out of Greece. In 2010, he introduced belly dance training workshops in Turkey and collaborated with the dance studio "beden atölyesi" in Istanbul. He was also invited to be a judge at the European contest "Athens DanceSport Open" and judged in the categories of Belly Dance and Greek Dance.

Jimmy moved to Australia in 2012 and became one of Melbourne's most recognized and sought-after belly dance and Greek Dance performers and dance instructors. He is invited to conduct belly dance workshops at many belly dance festivals in Australia.

On 11 April 2013, Jimmy officially registered his business name "Jimmy Hellas Dance Services" and the company is running successfully to date.

In 2014, he received an invitation to be a guest speaker at The Melbourne University and presented a lecture on the History and Culture of Belly Dance.

Jimmy currently runs his private workshops and teaches Belly Dance and Greek Dance in Brunswick. He is available to perform at all types of events and teach dance across Australia and internationally.


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(All classes considered as private. Prices start from AU$75.)


Beginner classes

Learn basic movements, technique and kinesiology of the most popular Greek dances such as kalamatianos, patima, syrtos, ipirotikos, ikariotikos, tsamikos, kotsari, tik, balos, zonaradikos, karagouna and much more.

*Note: Classes are categorized and run according to the average ability of the participants. If you feel that you are at an advanced level then you should participate in the advanced level classes. If there are no advanced level classes running, then you will need to take private lessons.

Jimmy prides himself on his diversity and welcomes people from all different cultural backgrounds. Join in on the fun today!

Advanced level

Suitable for students at an advanced level, this class focuses on honing in on the intricacies of the dance styles taught in beginner classes. Stronger levels of difficult movements are applied and the complete technique of each dance style is learnt.

The quality of this particular class is based on the Greek social dance standards which means that everyone is accepted regardless of their cultural background.

Advanced classes offer an immense fitness experience for the legs, hips and arms. Faster movements are taught and speeded up to a cardio like level that burns calories in a very joyful, social, cultural, qualitative and full on dance environment.

*Note: Students with serious health conditions such as heart disease, bone structure issues etc. must not take this class.

Zeybekiko class

This is a men's only improvisational class that promises to increase the male presence of any student-dancer on the stage by utilising high quality movements and techniques of this urban popular, passionate and beloved (Greek style) dance.

The class is conducted in a very comfortable and warm environment and is physically and technically demanding. It is designed for men's bodies and requires students with strong stamina and endurance.

As a very strong dancing experience and a very good exercise for the entire body, Zeybekiko is a totally unique experience for men who want to have fun by expressing their male nature in their own unique way as all of the steps can be tailored according to their own taste and/or previous dance experience.

Zeybekiko classes are strictly private and one-on-one. Group classes will only be taught if there is a strong demand and interest for 8 and above students.

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Beginner classes

Suitable for students with little or no previous experience in belly dance, these classes are fun and are designed to improve your physical fitness such as core strength, co-ordination, body awareness, posture, flexibility and more. There are mental and emotional benefits as well, including enhancing body image, female empowerment, creative expression, spatial awareness and stress relief. All of which you will experience from the very first class!

Classes start with a soft ballet warm up combined with belly-yoga exercises that offer an all-round fitness experience. You will learn basic technique movements and kinesiology, whilst learning the sensual art form of belly dancing. The class ends with easy cool down exercises after dancing. All movements are easy and very fun to learn!

Beginner belly dance classes include fragments from choreographed routines, allowing each student to enjoy a pre-intermediate experience.

A variety of different cultural music is played such as Turkish, Greek, English, French and much more! Jimmy prides himself on his diversity and welcomes people from all different cultural backgrounds. Join in on the fun today!

Intermediate classes

This is a class for students with good prior experience and who have been belly dancing for several months or who have been attending my beginner classes and are ready to progress to the next level and learn faster and more intricate rhythms.

You will need to know the basics of belly dance techniques and be ready to learn how to layer other moves on-top of the basics. Expect to use the available space by dancing travelling steps with combined movements and advanced level isolations.

We work on a step-by-step choreography, which is essential for all participants. This class will develop your dancing with a focus on more complex combinations and footwork, improvisation and musicality, and more advanced techniques that build on your key belly dance moves from beginner classes. The fitness content of the beginner class is incorporated but at a more advanced level and includes "danse à terre" exercises to strengthen and tone the core of your body.

This is a very strong class for students who want to learn quality skills – with plenty of opportunities to perform – and are just a step before the stage!

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Beginner classes

Jimmy offers Ballroom and Latin dance classes such as mambo, samba, cha-cha, rumba, tango, slow waltz, slow fox, viennese waltz etc.

He has an American Style Latin & ballroom teaching diploma and is inspired from International style (IDTA) Latin & Standard dances (Associate Level), including his own inspirations.

His classes are refreshing and focus on technique in an easy and comfortable manner for anyone over the age of 16.

Note: First time members or students at the basic level do not need to attend the class with a partner as this particular class is for beginners to learn the basic steps, however partners are also welcome.

Request a ballroom class today and please note there is no scheduled regular casual group classes currently running.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to book your private or private group dance class with Jimmy.

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Your first dance as a married couple is special and always a must.

Jimmy is an experienced teacher who can make your first dance special and tailor results that suit your needs and outcome.

You can book your dance classes with Jimmy for your wedding dance by selecting your preferred dance style. The waltz is the most popular and preferred dance style that most couples dance their first dance to, but you can also have other dances as modern Greek dances, Latin dances or other standard European style dances such as the tango, foxtrot, etc.

So you achieve the best results, Jimmy requires you ensure you have enough time prior to your wedding to be ready and prepared to amaze your guests. Taking at least a minimum of 10 classes is recommended. Couples can select their music or ask Jimmy to help.

It is important to understand that you must invest time, effort and devotion to learn a choreography and routines, as these are the necessary parts of your dance.

Contact Jimmy today to book your lesson. Let Jimmy teach you to make this special dance moment in your life memorable and amazing, as he has done for so many other couples in Australia.

Best wishes!

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Workshop availability

Jimmy is available to give workshops at your dance school parties and festivals, corporate parties, tea and hens night parties, and other special events.

Select from the wide range of dances and add value to your party!

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Upcoming workshops


Passed workshops

*Click on red coloured dates for the passed workshops flyers.


Jimmy’s first open workshop ran in Istanbul and consisted of teaching students basic movements and techniques.

The workshop included simple ballet warm up and cooling down exercises, turns, hip drops and how to properly use the available floor space.

One of the most beautiful experiences a teacher can have!


A fun & "cheeky" style of belly dance new to Melbourne suitable for all adult beginners to intermediate!

These introductory master classes fuse traditional fundamental belly dance movements with Greek style belly dance inspirations!

Learn to interpret music by mastering the technique of using your body whilst creating theatrical & facial expressions when you dance!


Tahtib dance style originated in Egypt and is a special martial arts dance with the use of stick fighting props. It is also known as "stick dance" or "cane dance".

Jimmy teaches a choreo with Saidi music that fuses the martial art along with some Saidi moves, and the choreography is appropriate for both men and women of all ages.

Jimmy was taught the men’s-only Tahtib martial art style, by Maria Aya - one of the most well known personalities in the Arabian dance industry in Greece.


Zeybekiko as a Greek style folk dance with a rhythmic pattern of ⁹/₈. Al-though it was traditionally danced strictly by men , over the last 20-25 years it is also danced by women.

Drawing upon the influenceand inspiration from Jimmy's Cheeky Belly Dance classes, and mixed with his professional experiences; Jimmy will connect both dances in hiw own unique way.

The result will be clear body lines, easy interpretation of music (⁹/₈), a different approach to belly dance, and above all a totally unique experience!


For Greek dance shows scroll further down.


Jimmy is Melbourne's most popular male belly dancer and has developed an excellent reputation for providing the best entertainment Melbourne has to offer!

Book Jimmy for a solo performance or book Jimmy to perform along with Melbourne's most talented female belly dancers!

Jimmy performs in Melbourne and internationally in Greece and Turkey for many years! He performs at private events such as weddings, hens nights and birthdays. He also performs at corporate events, social and promotional events, launch parties, festivals and cultural events. Jimmy performs in restaurants, night clubs, music videos, TV and film!

Whatever your occassion may be, Jimmy promises to provide the ultimate entertainment for you and your guests! With his male sensuality and strong athleticism he will thrill and entertain your audience with his incredible master talents!

Choose from several entertainment packages including freestyle belly dance, sword belly dance, pharaonic style (ancient Egyptian dance), drum solo, Isis wings and Tahtib (Egyptian folk dance), to name just a few!

His costumes and performances are tasteful and appropriate and he can customise his look and dance routines to your premises in order to complement the theme for your party, your decor and overall ambience. His routines are adapted to suit both audience preference and cultural background. He has the ability to perform in small or large spaces and can interact with the audience if this is something you desire. The music he performs to is tasteful, modern and compliments his performance. He comes with a large selection of Greek, Turkish, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern music to cater for guests from many cultural backgrounds.

A standard freestyle belly dance performance is 12 minutes and can either be increased or decreased to meet your specific request. Jimmy can also perform an extra 5 minute performance with a prop such as the sword, Isis wings, double canes, and more. All of Jimmy's performances can be with Melbourne's finest female belly dancers and live drummers! Packages are discussed at the time of your booking and prices may vary depending on location and travel times.

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Jimmy delivers a unique and powerful solo Greek dance show that promises to provide the ultimate entertainment for you and your guests. The duration of the show is 12 minutes and will leave you and your guests/audiences feeling nostalgic and delighted.

The performance integrates modern dance styles such as Zeybekiko, Hasapiko, Syrtaki, Hasaposerviko and on some occassions, Karsilama. Jimmy is an expert at engaging and connecting with guests/audiences (large or small) and the show ends with Jimmy encouraging people to join him on the dance floor and dance to fun and easy Greek dance steps (typically the Hasaposerviko dance style).

Jimmy regularly performs Greek dance shows at the Turkish restaurant, Akdeniz Akşamları and is Melbourne's most sought-after Greek dance solo performer.

He also performs Greek dance shows at private events including weddings, engagement and anniversary parties, christenings and birthdays. Jimmy is also booked to perform at corporate events, social and promotional events, launch parties, festivals and cultural events. He performs in restaurants, night clubs, music videos, TV and film!

Jimmy's solo Greek dance show is guaranteed to get everyone in the mood and dancing! Book him today to add excitement and culture to your event.

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Want to entertain your guests and also have them join in on the fun? Jimmy's performance show and dance class combo package is just what you've been looking for!

Jimmy's performance show will breath life into any party and what better way to get your guests to interact and be involved by learning a fun and easy dance routine.

The 1 hour combo includes a short performance show performed by Jimmy and then followed by a dance lesson. The dance show usually runs for 5-10 minutes and the dance class runs for 45-50 minutes.

The most popular combo is a 5 minute dance show and a 40-55 minute dance lesson. Please advise your preference when you contact Jimmy for a quote.

This combo package is for Belly Dance and Greek dance, and is popular at hens nights and birthday parties, corporate events and team building events.

Contact Jimmy today with your request!

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