Male Belly Dancers

Male Belly Dancing

The male body has different physical constructions and affects movement in the pelvic actions and arms. Unfortunately, it is not possible for men to attend a men’s only belly dance class due to the lack of interest and the constraints that a female dance teacher has in understanding the male stage presence when performing.

Males interested in taking a class have the only option to attend a class run by a female dance instructor, with female students, and a lesson designed and focused for women. In order to create a masculine stage appearance and even more to respect their body limits (physical construction), male belly dancers must do their own search. At any point we must acknowledge that dance experience in any style is required.

Due to the above, it is common to see that although some male belly dancers display great techniques, they none the less display overtly feminine movements. During my time I have met very successful belly dancers who display masculine movements and have a masculine stage presence.

Common Stereotypes & Beliefs about Dancing & Dancers

All dance styles and dancers at one time or another have experienced, on a global scale, their fair share of stereotypes and unfavorable reputations. Such is the same for oriental dancing.

Thanks to the evolution of the internet, reality TV shows, competitions, artists and pioneers, and people's interest in dance, there has been a considerable shift from negative to positive ideas and beliefs towards dance and dancers.

Dancers are now more recognized and appreciated for their skills, technique, hard work, dedication and resilience.