Male Belly Dancers in Melbourne

Jimmy is definitely more than a pretty face who can shimmy and undulate with male sensuality. His forte are belly dance and Greek dance and he is a qualified teacher and choreographer. He'll blow your mind with his pharaonic fantasy style and sword belly dance.

He is well-versed in traditional Greek dance forms like the hasapiko, sirtaki, zeybekiko and more; as if I'm making complete sense!

Well, you just have to see him do what he does and enjoy his mastery over his fit body and mind.

Jimmy's tremendous experience in the field of male belly dancing covers workshops in Turkey, as a judge in European festivals and contests, and a study titled, "The Technique of Male Oriental Dancing". And you thought he was just a pretty face, hah?

Jimmy is available to perform at all sorts of events and conducts private and group lessons in case you want to pick up some moves yourself.

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Liz Moreira