Belly Dancing in Istanbul


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Jimmy is available to give workshops at your dance school parties and festivals, corporate parties, tea and hens night parties, and other special events.

Select from the wide range of dances and add value to your party!

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Passed workshops

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Free Style Belly Dance

Jimmy's first open workshop ran in Istanbul and consisted of teaching students basic movements and techniques.

The workshop included simple ballet warm up and cooling down exercises, turns, hip drops and how to properly use the available floor space.

One of the most beautiful experiences a teacher can have!

Cheeky Belly Dance

A fun & "cheeky" style of belly dance new to Melbourne suitable for all adult beginners to intermediate!

These introductory master classes fuse traditional fundamental belly dance movements with Greek style belly dance inspirations!

Learn to interpret music by mastering the technique of using your body whilst creating theatrical & facial expressions when you dance!

Tahtib! Half Dance - Half Martial Art

Tahtib dance style originated in Egypt and is a special martial arts dance with the use of stick fighting props. It is also known as "stick dance" or "cane dance".

Jimmy teaches a choreo with Saidi music that fuses the martial art along with some Saidi moves, and the choreography is appropriate for both men and women of all ages.

was taught the men’s-only Tahtib martial art style, by Maria Aya - one of the most well known personalities in the Arabian dance industry in Greece.

Greko - Belly Dance...

Zeybekiko as a Greek style folk dance with a rhythmic pattern of ⁹/₈. Al-though it was traditionally danced strictly by men , over the last 20-25 years it is also danced by women.

Drawing upon the influenceand inspiration from Jimmy's Cheeky Belly Dance classes, and mixed with his professional experiences; Jimmy will connect both dances in hiw own unique way.

The result will be clear body lines, easy interpretation of music (⁹/₈), a different approach to belly dance, and above all a totally unique experience!