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Male Belly Dancers in Melbourne

is definitely more than a pretty face who can shimmy and undulate with male sensuality.
His forte are belly dance and Greek dance and he is a qualified teacher and choreographer.
He'll blow your mind... Read More

The University of Melbourne

The belly dance industry is dominated by female performers.
However, during the interview with the male dancer, we realized that male belly dancers have become an emerging trend and are starting to gain their popularity in Melbourne.
The lesson learned... Read More

Kids & Dance

Teach children how to dance is a pleasant experience.
The learning experience for children is centred around fun but also offers them much more significant benefits and skills by a standard pedagogical and didactic education.
Music, movement, technique and... Read More

Belly Dance Technique for Males

Information about masculine style Belly Dance can be hard to come by, and good role models are scarce. Most Belly Dance teachers and students are female, so it is not surprising that the feminine style is... Read More

A glance of Modern Greek Dances

Most of the well-known modern Greek dances were implemented in Greek culture not long ago, such as... Read More

The most popular Traditional Greek Dances

Long before historical references with regards to other civilizations dances in Greece there were many records about hundreds of dances along with the... Read More

A brief intro about Belly Dance

It is very difficult and almost impossible to pinpoint the exact history of oriental dance, due to... Read More

Belly Dance Art & Culture

It is well known today that Egyptian music takes the lead as being the most recognized and popular choice of music used for oriental... Read More

Male Belly Dancers

The male body has different physical constructions and affects movement in the pelvic actions and arms... Read More

About Jimmy

When I was a young child I experienced severe aches in my legs and doctors were unable to identify the cause or problem. Aside from doctor's performing... Read More

Health Risks for Male Belly Dancers

In relation to the safety of the male body, all aspects point mainly to the pelvic area, which we obviously know is very different... Read More