Belly Dance Classes in Melbourne with Jimmy


Beginner classes

Suitable for students with little or no previous experience in belly dance, these classes are fun and are designed to improve your physical fitness such as core strength, co-ordination, body awareness, posture, flexibility and more. There are mental and emotional benefits as well, including enhancing body image, female empowerment, creative expression, spatial awareness and stress relief. All of which you will experience from the very first class!

Classes start with a soft ballet warm up combined with belly-yoga exercises that offer an all-round fitness experience. You will learn basic technique movements and kinesiology, whilst learning the sensual art form of belly dancing. The class ends with easy cool down exercises after dancing. All movements are easy and very fun to learn!

Beginner belly dance classes include fragments from choreographed routines, allowing each student to enjoy a pre-intermediate experience.

A variety of different cultural music is played such as Turkish, Greek, English, French and much more! prides himself on his diversity and welcomes people from all different cultural backgrounds. Join in on the fun today!

Intermediate classes

This is a class for students with good prior experience and who have been belly dancing for several months or who have been attending my beginner classes and are ready to progress to the next level and learn faster and more intricate rhythms.

You will need to know the basics of belly dance techniques and be ready to learn how to layer other moves on-top of the basics. Expect to use the available space by dancing travelling steps with combined movements and advanced level isolations.

We work on a step-by-step choreography, which is essential for all participants. This class will develop your dancing with a focus on more complex combinations and footwork, improvisation and musicality, and more advanced techniques that build on your key belly dance moves from beginner classes. The fitness content of the beginner class is incorporated but at a more advanced level and includes floorwork exercises to strengthen and tone the core of your body.

This is a very strong class for students who want to learn quality skills – with plenty of opportunities to perform – and are just a step before the stage!

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