Jimmy's floorwork class, known as "barre à terre", is designed to improve total body empowerment with minimal effort. The class includes ballet exercises which are similar to techniques used in pilates.

The exercise runs for 55 mins and is predominantly conducted on the floor. It is free of using dance bars and is carried out with no music. The syllabus includes passive exercises, movements and stretches familiar to ballet dancers and is suitable for all genders, ages and body types.

Regular barre à terre classes will commence very soon! Send us your email today to express your interest.

Barre à Terre

"Barre à terre" is designed for ballet and non-ballet dancers to help strengthen and lengthen muscles. This exercise is especially great for dancers who are looking to gain more strength, flexibility, and balance. The exercise focuses on the entire body and uses the body's resources and no additional weight. This results in light muscle endurance with a good definition and provides better body control and posture.

In order to achieve the best results and obtain the most benefits, it is vital that students regularly take this class on a weekly basis.

The class is also suitable for those recovering from injuries after accidents. It is very important to advise Jimmy prior to your enrolment if you have been injured or are recovering from injuries. Participants are encouraged and welcome to discuss aspects of their experience with , e.g. if they feel pain during the exercise, etc.

Attendants should wear comfortable clothing and leggings to help keep their muscles warm after the class. Prior dance experience or dance background is not a requirement. Everyone from all different backgrounds and levels of experience is welcome to join.

Classes are running in group sessions and with no less than five students in order for the class to run. Contact us today to express your interest and receive information about pricing and start dates.

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